Integrate and Troubleshoot Automation Systems

Miri Technical College Trainees’ Integrate and Troubleshoot Automation Systems to Certified as Assistant
Mechatronics Technology.

Trainees’ Industrial Automation of Miri Technical College (Level 4) will be able to perform every task and job scope efficiently, effectively and competently from various engineering fields, which include mechatronics, electronic, electrical, mechanical, metallurgy, computer, software and communication engineering.

Trainees will have to undergo training for 18 months to learn how to designated to analyse mechatronic product manufacturability, develop mechatronic product design, manage mechatronic product fabrication, manage mechatronic project and manage mechatronic functionality and logistic.

Come and join us at Miri Technical College. Call or message us :
Ms.Zila : 012 – 531 2661

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